Simone Goes to Washington

After three long weeks apart, Sergio and Simone drove up to visit on the long weekend to spend some time in DC. The skies were blue and the weather beautiful (not like now, which is like some kind of crazy oven) so we were able to get out and see some DC sights. Our first stop was the Smithsonian Zoo, where we saw a baby gorilla, lions in the sun and a panda lazing on a rock. Our impulse zoo souvenir purchase was a panda mask which Simone refused to put down for the rest of the day – there was something kind of spooky about a toddler in a stroller with a face of a panda.

Knowing we were going to miss the fireworks on the 4th, we thought we’d hit some other iconic American sites. I love this photo of Simone at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, which she was calling “the man in the chair”. She walked all the way up the stairs where you could look out over the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument – and the tourists. The city was thick with tourists in their star-spangled clothes – a trip to the Museum of Natural Science was essentially a people-dodging exercise but Simone had a good time, especially with the dinosaurs. I took her to the gift shop afterward to reward her awesome behaviour and she carefully considered every item in the place before putting everything back and saying she didn’t need anything. Ah, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was in the odd parental position of trying to sellĀ  her, increasingly desperately, on any of the toys and trinkets but she wasn’t buying it.

We also managed to catch the Spain/Paraguay game which made Sergio awfully happy – I think there will be a big soccer ball shaped hole in his life after World Cup. The nice thing about watching the games in DC is you are guaranteed to see citizens of said country at the game – a group of very happy Uruguyans were beeping and honking in the streets post game, which wouldn’t necessarily happen in Durham.

We escaped DC for Durham to start packing boxes and getting ready for yet another move. It doesn’t feel as painful this time around (yet), just familiar. But it was sad to come back to DC without them – though I am really liking my job, I can’t wait until we’re all together again.