End Of Summer

It is the end of summer and in some ways, we couldn’t be happier. With hurricane season still in effect and tropical storm Hanna having moved through Durham last weekend, it is raining more and starting to feel a little cooler (finally)! We never thought we’d be ready for cooler weather and more rain after having lived in the Northwest for so long, but the endless heat here has made us long for Autumn.

We have posted a new Vimeo video of Simone playing in her crib:
And, we have finally posted a new audio documentary that we recorded last month as part of the Third Coast Festival Radio Ephemera archive that you can find on our Audio page. Though we were not selected as a finalist, we are proud of the final mix of our audio project and plan to expand it and maybe interview more families as we found the subject matter to be very interesting. We placed an ad to interview families about their reasons for planting a tree when expecting a baby, and found three completely different stories. One of them did not fit within the tight three minute constraints of the audio doc, so we plan to include that interview and possibly some others when we expand it.
Enjoy the last days of summer!