Two Wheels and Blueberries

Hello! This summer is speeding by –
the trip to Spain was fantastic and feels like a dream now. We only have a few photos ourselves – including this one of Simone on the lap of her Great Aunt Mari Angelese the day we arrived. I personally have never ate so well or so plentifully as on this trip. There’s almost so much to say about the trip that it’s hard to say anything at all – you know?

Back to reality (Durham is definitely a reality check after Spain) and we need to work all that chorizo off. So we got a bike seat for Simone – it mounts on the handlebar. Here’s a picture of us about to go for a spin. Simone has her own helmet – dinosaurs and snakes with real google eyes. She loves riding, points at all the animals and birds as we go by. I really like the seat, you sure get a lot of attention when people realize that there is a Baby on Board – but it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

And just when I thought we hit bike nirvana, we found this little baby at a garage sale this weekend. I’ve been looking at Burley trailers forever but their price tag – $500-600 new -was a definite factor. This is an older model, but the price – $25 – was perfect. And Simone clambered right in and we went for a ride – it can haul two kids, which I’m interpreting as one kid and some groceries, if we get our route down. I had to take the picture of the trailer on our porch – because it won’t be our porch much longer. Our landlord has decided to sell the place and for a moment we considered buying it – we love this little house. But two break-ins in the last 6 weeks and our uncertainty if I could find a job in the area once I graduate makes it tough to make the leap. So we’ve been looking feverishly for a new home – we’ve got a good prospect and may be moving as soon as mid-August. Again! This family cannot stop moving. I will be sad to leave the only house that Simone has only known and one where we’ve been so happy and family and friends have visited – but I suspect she should get used to a change of scenery every few years.

I’ll post a link to some new photos and videos later this week – it took me so long to post this, the camera battery died.