Big Girl Bed

I’ll let Sergio update about his trip to Albuquerque but with Simone’s second birthday came great power: her first big girl bed. It was procured on a trip to the closest Ikea – 3 hours away – a day best not spoken of, as it involved 6 hours of driving, toddler tantrums, about 20 Swedish meatballs and too many Allen wrenches. But let’s not dwell on it, let’s view the happy result:

We thought the transition might be tough, but starting with the quilt that covers it – she saw it, snatched it up and WOULD NOT let it go – she is in love with this bed. She came home from school today and ran straight to her room and said, “BBBBBEEEEEEEEEDDDDD”, so excited. There is one thing certain about Simone – she loves to be cozy and she adores blankets and pillows.
Want proof? Here’s a picture of her first nap in her new Big Girl Bed, out like a light:
Now to work on that whole potty training angle….

Spring break!

Spring Break starts this week! In reality, I’ll be using this week to catch up on work hours and homework and attending a conference – but in theory, it’s a week off. School is zooming by this semester and I feel alternatively glad and queasy that I have another year to go in Library school – glad because jobs are so thin on the ground while libraries hold their breath and see what will happen with the economy. Queasy because who knows if it’ll be better in a year, and in the meantime, competition for the few remaining student jobs seem just as fierce. This recession is circling closer to home and I’m hoping all our loved ones stay untouched.
This week in weather has been similarly up and down.
Monday – we woke up to this:Daycare was cancelled, schools were closed – 5 inches of snow in North Carolina is a big deal, especially in March.

If I had a picture to post of yesterday, just 5 days later, you’d see us walking down Fayetteville Street and the Tobacco Trail – about 7 miles in all – looking at all the street food and the barbecue stands that had popped up because of the 80 degree weather. I got a sunburn because in the last four months I kinda forgot about sunscreen. Simone loved the walk because if there is one thing that kid needs, it is constant motion. Walking, touching, picking up – always always always the one thing that I thought was out of reach and is of course incredibly dangerous. She is a whirlwind – an opinionated whirlwind.

Here’s a video of her playing with her blanket (oh how she loves her blanket – any blanket, actually. She is happiest rolling on the floor with fabric , it seems) and using one of her favourite words, Bobby. Uncle Bob, perhaps she is channeling you?

Who’s Bobby? from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.
I’ve put up a couple of other new videos – Simone in sartorial splendor (a diaper and specially squeaky shoes) too, for the hardcore Simone fan.

Some new photos too:
Here she is in her new “big girl” car seat.

And here she is “helping” with the dishwasher -I love the “caught in the act” look on her face and she’s getting so tall! Plenty more in the ol’ family album, of course.
We’ve got lots to look forward to this Spring – a trip to the ocean next weekend, friends from the West Coast in town next month and of course, the trip to Spain is becoming a reality. Hoorah!