Now with Video!

From time to time we’ve been taking short little videos of Simone with our digital camera. The quality is rather grainy which we like, it reminds us of old Super-8 movies. The good/bad of these little movies compared to Super-8 is that there is sound. On the one hand, it’s nice to hear how people sound – years later I’m sure we’ll happy to have some of her baby babblings on tape – or um, I guess it’s not tape but binary code. But I could do without the adult commentary,it’s pretty jarring to hear that high-pitched voice you swear you won’t use with your baby – and then you do. The lovely thing about old silent home movies is you’re free to set them to music and really concentrate on the images, not what people are saying.
Nevertheless, the new Vimeo site is pretty handy for uploading these videos so I’m sure we’ll be sharing them from time to time – who am I kidding, pretty darn often. So many of you haven’t had a chance to meet Simone so this may be a good way to convince you she’s a real, live baby. We just had our 4 month appointment – at 4.5 months old, but better late than never – where she had her latest round of shots and was pronounced a very healthy baby. She’s 13 pounds 3 oz now and 24 inches – no one is telling us what a little baby we have anymore. And like us – she loves to eat!

First Food from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.