Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!  We feel terrible that we haven’t updated in almost six months, especially after we had just had such a nice face lift done to the site by Matchbox Creative.  As anybody who may visit this blog knows, Kyla, Sergio, and Simone moved back to Seattle in August shortly after our last post.   We live in the Central District area and Simone is attending a school in the neighborhood and has been learning so many new things every week that it’s hard to keep up with her.  Kyla is a full-time librarian at a French immersion school, and I am currently doing some website work as a contractor.

There are certain things we miss about North Carolina and the East Coast, but overall are very happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest.  It has taken a while to settle down, finish moving, and get reacquainted with the area and our old and new friends, but we are feeling like the transition is over and now I finally have some time to do some of the things I have been meaning to do on this site.  So, here are just a few random recent photos, but I plan to detail some of the last few months more extensively in the near future and finally scan some things and put some video and audio files up that are already starting to feel old!

We hope everyone had a good Holiday!