The Outer Banks

After Kyla graduated, we headed to the Outer Banks for a relaxing week with Diane and Greg.  None of us had been there before and it was a nice surprise to find that the house we rented was actually as advertised, with a big kitchen and plenty of room and a swimming pool (plus very close to the beach and some nice sand dunes).

The pictures, from left to right and going down, are:

1.  The view of the ocean from our 3rd floor balcony

2.  Simone standing by the balcony door

3.  Simone at the beach in Nags Head

4.  Sergio, Diane, and Greg playing Settlers of Catan (our favorite board game) after returning from the Outer Banks

5.  Grandpa Greg and Simone dancing in the rental house

6.  The light house at Nags Head (we also went to one in Ocracoke that you could enter from the inside that had an amazing spiral stair case)

7.  Simone filling up her “pool” next to the “big people” pool

8.  An external shot of the house we stayed in

9.  Kyla and Simone at the pool

10.  Sergio and Simone playing soccer upon returning.

Below that is a recent video of Simone doing her new favorite thing – playing harmonica!

There is much more (big) news to announce which I will do in my next post, which I plan to do later this week!