Early summer memories

Eating ice cream

Summer came a little early this year.  After a particularly cold winter, we have just had a mini heat wave with temperatures hitting the 90’s in early April.  Some cooler spring weather is now here, but it’s safe to say that we’ll be wearing short sleeves or t-shirts until October.  Here is Simone enjoying an ice-cream cone that an actual ice-cream truck sold to us recently.  I don’t see ice-cream trucks very much anymore, so it was a nice surprise.  Even if it the song it was loudly playing was a muzak version of Lambada (The Forbidden Dance!).

Next we have a picture of Simone pretending to drive our car.  She really loved honking the horn and playing with the dashboard buttons and did not want to get out.  Lately she hasn’t wanted to go in the house at all when we get home from work and school – she just wants to be outside until we eat dinner.

Over Easter, we hid eggs and Simone found them all with a little prodding.  Then she ate three and a half of them on the spot.  I didn’t think she’d like hard boiled eggs, but she proved me wrong.  I couldn’t get her away from them.  The flower head band she is wearing makes her look a little like the Statue of Liberty, though.

Driving the car
Sping outfit
Lil' Buddy
Eating a hard boiled egg

I finally got her to wear a hat I ordered for her a few months after she was born, though.  It’s a pink trucker cap that says “Lil’ Buddy” on it and I have been trying for a long time to get her to wear it, and she finally did.

This is also “parent appreciation” week at Simone’s school, and today’s activity was to have parents dress up their children in their favorite athletic gear.  We chose “Team Canada” in honor of the Canadian Hockey Team, complete with the Maple Leaf flag.  She loved waving it around!

I’m looking forward to a summer of popsicles  and ice-cream and more crazy hats.

Canada jersey