Spring, at last!

Thank you for your patience … the website is back up and working better than ever!  And thank you again to Matchbox Creative.  After moving the files over from our old web host to our new one, I converted the blog from Blogger to WordPress.  Cornelius at Matchbox Creative then converted the look and feel of our old site into a WordPress theme, added some enahancements like a “Search” bar and a plug-in that shows nice pop-up images when you click on them, and fixed the overall conversion and made it so we can expand the site easily.  I am happy that I can now add larger photos, more videos, and more audio files.  The file limitations of our previous web server were starting to constrain our ability to post more information.  You can leave comments now, too!  

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, we can finally take walks when we get home from work, instead of running straight to the kitchen to get warm and cook dinner.  As you will see from some of the photos below, we did get quite a bit of snow this winter compared to last year.  Kyla went to Vancouver a week before the Olympics started and we were definitely having colder weather here than she was having there.  She should be able to post about her trip there soon.  Unfortunately, she is bogged down with her Masters paper and has not had very much free time in the past few weeks.  We are looking forward to a trip to the Outer Banks in May after she graduates to unwind.  And then she starts an internship in June at NPR in Washington, DC for 10 weeks!  More on that later … for now, enjoy these pictures of Simone spanning from January to a few days ago.  We’ll put them up on our public album along with others soon.  

Working on the site …

As you can see, our blog posts are back up, but the page template is still being worked on.  We should have this fixed in some capacity soon!