Big Girl Bed

I’ll let Sergio update about his trip to Albuquerque but with Simone’s second birthday came great power: her first big girl bed. It was procured on a trip to the closest Ikea – 3 hours away – a day best not spoken of, as it involved 6 hours of driving, toddler tantrums, about 20 Swedish meatballs and too many Allen wrenches. But let’s not dwell on it, let’s view the happy result:

We thought the transition might be tough, but starting with the quilt that covers it – she saw it, snatched it up and WOULD NOT let it go – she is in love with this bed. She came home from school today and ran straight to her room and said, “BBBBBEEEEEEEEEDDDDD”, so excited. There is one thing certain about Simone – she loves to be cozy and she adores blankets and pillows.
Want proof? Here’s a picture of her first nap in her new Big Girl Bed, out like a light:
Now to work on that whole potty training angle….

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