Typical Two’s

Simone is racing towards her 2nd birthday – 26 days and counting – and the Typical, sometimes Terrible, Two’s are in full effect. This morning while Mama and Papa were embroiled in a discussion about healthcare reform, there was an ominous silence from Simone. Searching the house, we found one guilty looking toddler standing next to the toilet and the toilet jammed full of Kleenex and about to overflow. She had been happily transferring them from the Kleenex dispenser to the bowl and flushing away merrily – until she saw our faces. Her mouth immediately quivered and she burst into tears, throwing herself into my arms. It’s hard to mete out punishment when the person to be punished is in footie pyjamas and crying like her heart will break. We’ve instituted the Naughty Chair (an old booster seat in the corner of her room) but when we threaten it she chirps “Naughty Chair?” and skips happily to it.

She also suddenly cares if what she is wearing is “pwetty” and will ask for bracelets and necklaces from my dresser, and believe me, this isn’t something I’ve been pushing. And yesterday morning I heard a mysterious clomping from upstairs and took the camera to find out the source of the noise. This is what I found:
And here she is, admiring herself in the mirror:

We’ve been having lots of fun with our Advent Activities this year – my brother gave me a German Advent calendar, with little pouches for each day. We made a list of 24 things we wanted to do this Christmas season, cut them up and put them randomly in the bags. Each day we draw a slip of paper and do our activity. Sometimes it is as simple as baking a batch of Ginger Krinkles and sometimes it takes a little more planning – like ice skating, which we’re saving to do this Sunday. Instead of being stressful, it’s been a nice, relaxed way to check all the fun and Must Do’s off of our list. I think this will be a permanent Christmas tradition, and hopefully some happy memories for Simone.
We’ll update post-Christmas and share the fun!

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