Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas was low key and relaxing around the Sweet-Chavez household this year. Simone was excited about and also scared of Santa Claus. Every time a phone rang she thought it was Santa checking up on her. She got some very nice presents, one of which is this sweater/dress from grandma Sweet:

The day after Chrismas, we went to Ashevile in the western part of the state for the first time. It was nice to see snow and mountains again. Our original plan was to stay in a house for two days in the mountains, but there was too much snow to make it there so we stayed at a hotel near West Asheville instead. We ate at a few good restaurants and bought a nice print of a painting/collage made by a local artist at Early Girl, a very good breakfast restaurant. Here’s Simone at two different locations in downtown Asheville:

On Christmas Eve, I put out luminarias, which are very typical of New Mexico. I don’t think many people in Durham have seen them before, so hopefully the neighbors enjoyed seeing these:

Simone is wearing her Santa hat in that one.

Papa and Simone are off to Albuquerque together early next month, so we’ll have a bunch of new photos after that trip to post. I can’t wait to have more green chile and see the family!

Happy New Year!!!

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