Halloween 2009 – Part 2 and more recent events

At long last, here are some photos of Simone’s other Halloween outfit that Kyla made for her. Behold the sock monkey:

Simone went out trick-or-treating for the first time at a public park near our house after these photos were taken and had a good time this Halloween.
Not long after that holiday was over, my parents came to visit. They visited around this time last year (early November) and we went to Virginia and Mt. Airy. This time, we went to the coast and Wilmington, where the weather was warm and nice enough that we could walk along the beach. We had a great visit with them and here are some photos from their visit here:

And here is a video of Simone chasing a pigeon on Wrightsville Beach:

Simone chasing a pigeon at Wrightsville Beach from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

Kyla and Simone went to Edmonton for her mom’s 60th surprise birthday party, so I will let her post next about that … and then we have some fun photos from Simone’s first visit to the zoo (in Asheboro) from earlier today. We have our blogging work cut out for us in the next few days!

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