Our next post will be in 2012

I feel like every post starts with "We need to blog more often" or "It has been so long since we last posted something", and this will be no exception. There have been many major events in the past two months since we last posted something, and of course I won't be able to cover them all here. In fact, since it is already so late and I don't want to wait any longer to at least say "We're alive!", I'll quickly go through what is happening in each of the five photos below and then HOPEFULLY spend a bit more time covering recent events in future posts:

The first image below is a picture of Simone and I at our old house on Elizabeth Street, shortly before we moved. There's a long involved story having to do with why we moved from Elizabeth Street to the Burch Avenue neighborhood, and it's an ugly tale that will be best dealt with in a future post, or feel free to ask us about it. However, we do like our new house and we especially like our new neighborhood and its close proximity to Duke's campuses and downtown Durham. The next picture is Simone in her new room:

Next is a picture of Simone at Chris and Jessica's wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine (Chris and Jessica appear after that). It was a nice outdoor ceremony and a very fun reception afterward. We had a great trip and it was especially good to catch up with old friends and family.

Prior to going to Maine, Kyla, Simone and I spent a couple of days in Boston. Here is a picture of Simone and I at Boston Common:

As always, you can see all of our most recent pictures (which we have been pretty good about uploading) at http://picasaweb.google.com/schavez

I'll go into more details about these past events as well as more recent happenings in the next blog post. We are almost done unpacking, so there will be more time for blogging (at least for me) soon. Kyla, however, is already in her sixth week of school and knee-deep in homework again. We'll have to plan our next break soon ...
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