Spring Cleaning

Spring is definitely in the air. On the down side: Our porch is constantly covered in green pollen that we can't wash off, we're coughing with each new allergen that blooms, it's raining all the time, and the bugs are back. On the up side: Friends and family have (or will soon) come to visit, better weather is around the corner, and Simone is going to have a fun summer now that she is walking and exploring more than ever.

Simone had her first easter egg hunt in our back yard and found all of her eggs after some helpful prodding from her parents.

Last weekend our friends Dan, Pam, and Jud came over from Vancouver and Seattle to visit us after driving down from DC. Jud (furthest right) appears a little sad in this photo taken at Milltown in Chapel Hill, although Simone appears to be having the time of her life. Cheer up, Jud, another beer is on the way. See? Pam is having fun - she's even throwing a double hang-loose! We had a great time at the Barbecue Joint, Milltown, The Federal, and our own front porch as we made a barbecued Mexican-themed dinner, complete with Dan's home made margaritas and delicious contributions from everybody.

We're expecting the arrival of Kyla's brother Michael and his girlfriend Denise in the next week or so, and we are hoping he will want to make a return visit to the Barbecue Joint and Milltown as they have become favorites of ours.
Here's a video of me reading to Simone, and her picking up some new words:

Reading Bug from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

And another exciting development this spring has been the building of a nest by some robins on our gate in our backyard, and the birth of at least one (of hopefully three) baby birds:

Robin's Nest from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.
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