A House Divided (This title post won't make sense unless you are from North Carolina)

NCAA and March Madness used to be fuzzy concepts - now in the heart of the Tobacco Road rivalry, they are a matter of life and death. It is best to pretend you care in polite company. On UNC's campus I nod politely when people trash-talk Duke and at Duke, I indulge the K-Ville crowd. Truth be told, it is a little more interesting when there are brackets and Sweet 16's, Elite 8's, Final 4's and reasons to drink beer in crowds. But I was at a kids consignment clothing sale the other night and one Mother in her Tarheels hat shouted at another Mom, total stranger, in a dark blue sweater, "Why aren't you wearing Carolina Blue?" And she meant it. Yipes. I've had enough of the Red and Blue bickering, more than enough, I don't need the Two Shades of Blue bickering too. Especially over something like college basketball. But then I substitute the words "college basketball" for "Canadian hockey" and I kinda get it.

In today's videos, you will not see much blue. Pink and red are the theme of the day, a little late for Valentines but always in style at our house. Here's Simone running around in said outfit (apologies for the angle but it wouldn't let me rotate it:)

Simone on the porch from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

There's another of her play sweeping over on Vimeo-land too.

I have night classes on Thursdays which makes my Thursday break down thusly:
9-12:15 - Cataloging Class
12:15-5:15 - Work
5:30-8:00 - Night class
8:00-9:30 - Travel home, as the bus only goes once an hour.
This means I miss Simone's whole day and I really don't like that. She's particularly giggly and happy right now so Sergio filmed some of her dinnertime so I could watch her when I got home.

Simone goes bananas from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

This modern world. You gotta catch up with your child in the digital way. I'm looking forward to classes ending so we can spend more analog face-to-face time together.
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