Merry Christmas!

OK, so we may be over one month too late, be we finally have some time to post some new pictures of our Holiday Season. It has been a busy new year so far!

We'll start with Christmas. We decided to stay in Durham this year to celebrate Simone's first Christmas, and we even got a real tree. "Tree" became one of Simone's first words and it was always a big event to turn off the lamps in the living room and turn on the Christmas tree each night after we got home from school and work.

Simone was starting to take her first steps, but she wasn't quite walking yet. We knew that she was getting close, though.

Simone received some very nice gifts from her relatives and our friends, and many of them will be featured in the photos we will upload to our album in a few days. Thank you for sending her your nice gifts and making her first Christmas a lot of fun!

We took her on a trip just after Christmas to Greensboro to visit the Natural Science Center and Petting Zoo. She seemed to take an interest in the gibbons, but not so much in the mini donkeys. We'll have to take her back again in the summer, when more of the animals are out and active.

Our next posting will be about our trip to
Edmonton for Simone's 1st birthday. I will also upload a lot more pictures and several videos over the next few days with some links on how to view them. We'll try to keep up with blogging more regularly in 2009, too!

I'm posting this last photo just because I think this new face that Simone makes is very funny:

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