First Birthday

Happy first birthday, Simone!

We went to Edmonton to celebrate Simone's 1st birthday, and we had a great time. Addison and Simone were able to play together, and Simone started walking while we were there. Kyla and I predicted that she would walk by her first birthday, and like the textbook baby that she is she started walking right around that day.

Grandma and grandpa Greg babysat Simone one evening so that Kyla and I could go out and have dinner together. Driving around a big SUV in the snow was a new experience for me, and it was fun to drive to the Indian buffet restaurant and relax for a while. It snowed almost every day that we were there, but it doesn't slow down the Edmontonians. The type of snow we were seeing would shut down every city I have ever lived in for a month.

I think that Simone enjoyed the snow and we took her outside for a few minutes each day so she could play in it since we never see much of it down here.

We went to the West Edmonton Mall one day to do some shopping and visited the pirate ship and the hockey rink.
Kyla made Simone a snare drum for her birthday cake, and it was a big hit. I'm planning to buy her a piece each year for a drum kit over the next few years, so it was a fitting theme.

Kyla decided on a southern cuisine dinner for the birthday party, and we made hush puppies (Steve and I manned that station), collard greens, mac and cheese, biscuits, and slow-cooked pork sandwiches.

As memorable as Simone's birthday party dinner was, grandma also made pizza one night and lobster appetizers with Thai noodles another night, so we always had plenty of good food, beer, and games around. Our game of choice this time around was Settlers of Catan, which was challenging and fun.

We were able to go sledding for a few minutes before it got too cold for Addison and Simone. We were the first ones to sled that day at the park near Glenna's house, so it took a few runs before we had a path we could sled down (thanks mostly to Dylan's fearless sledding techniques).

We hope to see everyone in Edmonton again soon! It was a memorable visit and we have a lot more photos to post from it soon.

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