This one is for my Dad

It's not an anniversary or a birthday for my Dad - though what would have been his 59th is coming up - but this morning I read in the paper that Levi Stubbs, of the Four Tops, died. We regularly have little family dance parties with Simone but today I pulled out the Best of the Four Tops - on vinyl of course - and we had a Levi Stubbs Memorial version of our dance parties. Halfway through "I'll Be There", I was all teary and thinking of my Dad and his love and curiousity about music and how important that was and is to me too. And I wish he could see his granddaughter hearing the Four Tops for the first time or shake a maraca with her.

Four Tops Jam with Simone from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

Only after I took the footage did I realize the irony of the song - it is the same old song Dad, but it does have a different meaning now that you're gone.
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