Canada Day + One Month

Life has hit the proverbial fast lane. We are now officially two working parents, leaving the house each morning with the baby, our briefcases and her bottles. And it will all ramp up another level when my classes begin in just two weeks. But it's been a much smoother transition than I ever could have hoped. I love my new job - the learning and the people have been amazing. And Simone has really taken to daycare. When she walks in with us in the morning, she's instantly surrounded by excited kids shouting her name, "Simone is here! Simone is here!" It helps that there are lots of fun toys at the daycare that she doesn't have at home, and staff who really care about her. Both Sergio and I drop her off in the morning and together we pick her up when I get off work at one o'clock, so we all still have the luxury of plenty of time together.

Simone is changing so quickly - she can sit up now, creep and crawl and is constantly babbling. You can't turn your back on her for a minute - I've looked around to find her trapped beneath the couch, her crib or heading towards the fireplace. She is also an enthusiastic eater, to say the least. Woe to you if you do not deliver that spoon to her mouth as quickly as she would like. Wonder who she inherited that from....

The best part of the summer so far was spending two whole weeks in Edmonton, visiting with Grandma, Auntie Glenna, her cousins and even GG. It was too bad Sergio couldn't come along but we still had a great time. The trip started with bureaucratic craziness as we were denied boarding our flight because 5 month old Simone didn't have a passport. But it is still okay to drive across the border without a passport so some quick juggling, 20 hours of flights, layovers, shuttle rides from Buffalo to Toronto and yes, lost luggage, later - we made it to Edmonton. Would you like to see pictures? Click on the link to go to our Flickr page. More video is coming soon to Vimeo so you can experience how much she has changed for yourself.
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