We've been BOBbed!

No, we haven't gotten an SUV - instead we've received an SUS - or Sport Utility Stroller made by BOB and we couldn't be happier. Huge thanks to Uncle Bob and Lori in Vancouver, BC who made this happen - seriously guys, THANK YOU. Our lives have just changed for the better. I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that the infrastructure of Durham is kind of an afterthought. Access for the disabled, the strollered, the biker is pretty pathetic. Sidewalks - if they exist at all - are likely to be cracked, heaving, half-gravel, grown over. Curbs often don't have ramps and there are long stretches where you have to off-road the stroller because the sidewalk just disappears. Our car seat adaptor stroller has been invaluable but it has big limitations. I mean, look at this pic of a "good" stretch of sidewalk on our route. You really do need shocks to handle the terrain.

Not only can our new stroller handle the bumps and buckles of Durham "city" living, but the sun shade is a godsend. I'm happy to be living somewhere where you see sun and blue sky almost every day but it's been tough to keep Simone out of the rays without a lot of fussing and cursing over receiving blankets that won't stay put. Not anymore! Hurrah!

Within hours of the BOB arriving, I put it together and made my first journey to the Botanical Gardens. It was a breeze on the gravel roads, steep ramps and grassy hillsides. And yesterday morning I conducted a very important test run - a stroll to her daycare. I'm really determined that much of our commuting be done without a car - something that is pretty tough in these parts. I don't want to be bound to a car, I could do without my leftover pregnancy "love handles" and I want to show her that it is possible to use alternative transportation, even from an early age. So the stroller is the perfect solution. Her daycare is 3.6 miles from our house and it took us exactly one hour to make it from door to door. The BOB has so much forward momentum and is so nice and light that once or twice I was tempted to use it for its original purpose and actually jog - me!. I love to walk but hate jogging so this was rather unusual. We walked all the way back and the whole trip was really pleasant. You can peep in at the baby through the window in the sunshade and it certainly seemed like Simone was having fun too.
I love love love the BOB. It's fitting that our super daring sporty fit outside loving windsurfing Uncle and Aunt in one of the more sporty cities in Canada were the one to open up the outdoors to me again. Besides everyday commuting, I see hikes and camping in our future. Thank you Uncle Bob and Lori!
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