No news news.

Let me cut right to the chase: there is no baby yet. On the outside, that is. According to my stomach There Is Very Much a Baby.
If this baby was a library book, using Durham County Library's current fine structure, the baby totally owes us 50 cents and counting...
We were due on the 5th but of course that is a guess, with a give or take two weeks on either side kind of date. The further we get from the Holidays the better, I suppose, as no kid wants to try and have a birthday party with Christmas trees and New Years confetti still sprinkled around.
Also, The Kid may have been waiting for Uncle Michael to come and visit and return to Germany, so as not to frighten him with their baby-like antics. We had a great visit, making him eat hush puppies and black-eyed peas and go on long walks around Durham to bring on labour. Which did not work.
A visit to the mid-wife yesterday confirmed no dilation or other tell-tale signs at this point, but an ultrasound did confirm the whole ten fingers and ten toes deal. Phew. She offered to let us in on the sex too but with only 9 days max to go, why cave now? If nothing happens in the interim, we do have an induction scheduled for the 19th. Capricorn or bust! But we'll be sure to let you all know if there is any news - it is so nice to know that with all the babies and problems in the world, our friends and family really are waiting to hear about Baby Sweet. Come on kid, the people are waiting....
Hopefully some real news soon!
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