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For those of you who have asked for more pictures of Simone - we are happy to oblige. We are going a little photo crazy around here, trying to capture her in those elusive times when she is awake - but not the 1 a.m. screaming for the last 2 hours awake. Pictures of that nightly event may put the fear of parenthood in you. The books we've been frantically consulting assure us it won't last forever. It might just feel like it. Nevertheless, we are surviving. And Simone has put on a bunch of weight in the last week after a slow start. I don't know where she gets her delicate appetite - it's not from me! Mostly I can't wait until she gets a little bigger so we can start dressing her in the cool clothes friends and family have sent. She will be a much better dresser than I could ever hope to be.
The link to our Flickr page is here.
Feel free to assure she is as cute as we think she is. And expect it to be updated often...
Yours, with bags under our eyes,
The New Parents
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