Remember Thanksgiving?

We are only a month behind the latest holiday here at Idea Jar Inc. - you may have noticed we aren't particularly timely posters. Look for a baby announcement when the poor thing turns three. (um, no baby yet, honest). But as Christmas looms, how about a look back at Thanksgiving? Despite it being just the two of us, we made the whole Thanksgiving Feast. Including mini-marshmallows bruleed on sweet potatos, for the Authentic American experience. It was all quite delicious. And despite the fact that I swore I would NEVER get sick of turkey sandwiches, I find myself not quite as enthused about a similar Christmas dinner. This is why Canadian Thanksgiving is great: 2.5 months between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets your taste for turkey and cranberries up again. But Duke has furnished us with a turkey and a turkey we shall have...even though (sigh) it will be just the two of us again.

The next day, wondering if we would be able to take road trips quite as frequently when Mr. or Miss Sweet join us, we headed for Washington, DC. I did not have particularly high expectations for the city - after all, it is the seat of power of a particular president and regime that has earned low expectations. Here I am in front of the White House, booing loudly and trying not to attract the attention of the security guards. January 20, 2009 cannot come soon enough.

But despite the looming presence of Dubya, the rest of Washington delivered an excellent time. Wintery temperatures didn't keep us from walking every minute we could. It was such a thrill to park the car and leave it for several days. That just doesn't happen here in NC. Our hotel was beautiful and in the middle of the action, just a few blocks away from Smithsonian Row. I love that these museums are free. We managed to squeeze into the Edward Hopper retrospective and even among the crowds, spend some quality time with some of my favourite paintings. The National Art Gallery even had an installation by Andy Goldsworthy, subject of the documentary I would recommend very highly, Rivers and Tides. The Natural History Museum was so much fun - I think a lack of budget has kept things kind of old-fashioned and "undigital" - they're still showing a handdrawn animated film about evolution made in the 1970's, which of course I loved.
The Hirshhorn Contemporary Art museum was much less crowded and such an interesting building. It also was showing several pieces by a Danish artist, Olafur Elliason, who I am now very fond of. Here I am inside one of his installations:

We ate out at restaurants that kids would never be welcome at and walked and walked and walked. It was a much-needed, pre-baby jaunt. On the way home, we hit the nearest Ikea to our house - 4.5 hours away from Durham. It's the little things, like pedestrian friendly streets and being close to affordable shelving that make us miss cities. Perhaps the Library of Congress will be hiring when I'm done with my degreee...
More soon. No, really!
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