From (the West) Coast…

A postcard from our trip to SF for Gavin and Michelle’s wedding ….

If you look closely, you can see there are no cars on the Bay Bridge – it was closed to traffic for Labour Day weekend. Pretty to look at, but it almost stranded us in San Francisco for another day when we realised it would be impossible to get to the Oakland airport for our return flight. Luckily the BART took pity on the people and ran trains throughout the night so we (and a handful of late, late night revelers) could get to the East Bay. Truthfully though, would we have minded being stranded? Not really. For San Francisco the weather was amazing. The wedding was irreverently beautiful. We had Chinese food at House of Nan King and burritos at the Taqueria and Sergio got a pint of the finest IPA from Russian River and I was jealous. We shopped for records at Amoeba and cherry chocolate rugelah from the Farmer’s Market and visited with old, good friends. We walked everywhere and sighed over all the pretty buildings and secretly wished we could stay. Maybe one day…

Oh, and in case Baby Sweet ever gets to be a problem, San Francisco seems to have the solution for that too:Good to know! (And speaking of baby, take a look at that profile! Things are getting crowded around here…)

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