Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s been a long time. But we haven’t abandoned you or idea jar inc., nope not at all. But some major changes around the Sweet-Chavez household have occurred in the last few months, all for the better I hasten to add.

1. Kyla is currently new school, not old school. I’m in full-time univeristy, cramming in the remaining requirements for my BA as fast as I can. This first quarter was all about keeping my head down and my grades up and adjusting to being the oldest person in most of my classes.

2. idea jar inc. moved our headquarters. We are still in Portland, Oregon and only 9 blocks away, but as I remind everyone, 9 blocks or 900 miles, you still have to pack everything up and physically lug it to the new place. The new apartment is worth every bit of that lugging. Come visit, we have a second bedroom now!

Some intriguing projects loom on the horizon for idea jar. We’ll keep you (more regularly) posted as they arise. Exciting days ahead!