Gerda and Olcott

Happy 2K6, as we’re calling it around here at idea jar inc. The less characters we have to text message, the better. Actually we don’t often text message. In fact, I Kyla, at the age of 32 am getting my first cell phone this week. Never let it be said that I let the march of progress pass me by.

In the spirit of the future, I even received my first iPod this Christmas from our co-president Sergio, an adorable little Nano that I’m terrified I’ll lose. Maybe we can even get in on that wave of the future, pod casting. Stay tuned….

Remember when people wrote real letters? Yes sadly, neither do I, but several years ago I found a cache of letters on tissue thin blue airmail paper at a flea market in San Francisco. They were written in the 1940’s between a Gerda of SF and Olcott of Maine and though they started out friendly enough, by the end of the correspondence it had turned to love. After reading the letters, I knew I had to find out what happened to Gerda and Olcott. You won’t believe the story we found behind the letters.

Posted on the Audio page is the documentary we made about that search for Gerda and Olcott which originally aired on CBC Radio “Outfront” on November 22, 2005.

Listen and let us know what you think.